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Domaine des Bouts 2015

AOP Cote du Rhone
Domaine des Bouts is a relatively young, but highly regarded family owned winery in the village of Laudun to the west of the Rhône River. Whilst his father owned vineyards and sold grapes to the local cooperative, David Givaudan had greater ambitions. At the age of 14, he decided that he wanted to both grow vines and make wine, and, in 2001 and slightly older, he made his first wine. M. Givaudan built a cellar a year later but 2002 proved to be a terrible vintage, and, with little knowledge of the wine market, there was potential for the dream to become a nightmare. Determination and hard work won through and the fledgling business survived and has since flourished - M. Givaudun grows vines and makes and bottles his own wine.

The Wine

A delicious white from the Rhône Valley, showing a lovely intensity of ripe fruit flavours. Peach and citrus aromas mingle with a gentle hint of fresh mint and roasted nuts in the background. Perfect with smoked salmon or creamy cheese sauces